Dev Builds

Metamod:Source uses rolling releases, and updates are continuous. Updates to stable versions of MM:S are small and non-disruptive. It is generally recommended to run the latest stable build, however, it is not necessarily urgent to upgrade when a newer build appears.

These are unstable, development MM:S builds. For stable builds, see this page instead.

Latest downloads for version 1.11 - build 1116:

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Latest 20 Builds from 1.11 Branch (Click here for all)

Build Download Change Details Src
1116 Trigger build against hl2sdk-tf2 update.
1115 Merge pull request #52 from alliedmodders/warnings
1111 Disable de-virtualization in sh-tests for gcc-4.9+ (#53)
1110 Add additional test coverage to Travis-CI. (#50)
1109 Fix Dota build for hl2sdk-dota updates.
1108 Crank up SourceHook param count support from 17 to 20.
1107 Trigger build again for further Dota Linux SDK lib fixes.
1106 Trigger build for Dota Linux tier1 rebuild.
1105 Link mathlib on BMS now (for vec3_origin required by tier1 ConVar).
1104 Trigger build against hl2sdk-bms update.
1103 Normalize paths when comparing. (fixes #37). (#38)
1102 Re-enable Dota 2 Linux x64 build.
1101 Disable 64-bit Linux dota build for now.
1100 64-bit support for CSGO on Linux and macOS (#35)
1099 Split Day of Infamy to separate engine build (#36)
1098 Fix linking errors with some compilers when MM:S plugins call function in tier1 interface.h. (#34)
1097 Trigger build for hl2sdk-insurgency update.
1096 Trigger build.
1095 Fix loading on Source SDK 2013 mods.
1094 Add generation of mmsource-latest download.
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