ISmmAPI Member List

This is the complete list of members for ISmmAPI, including all inherited members.

AddListener(ISmmPlugin *plugin, IMetamodListener *pListener)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
ClientConPrintf(edict_t *client, const char *fmt,...)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
ConPrint(const char *str)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
ConPrintf(const char *fmt,...)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
EnableVSPListener()=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
engineFactory(bool syn=true)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
fileSystemFactory(bool syn=true)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
FindUserMessage(const char *name, int *size=NULL)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
FormatIface(char iface[], unsigned int maxlength)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
GetApiVersions(int &major, int &minor, int &plvers, int &plmin)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
GetBaseDir()=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
GetCvarBaseAccessor()=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
GetGameDLLVersion()=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
GetLastMetaReturn()=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
GetShVersions(int &shvers, int &shimpl)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
GetUserMessage(int index, int *size=NULL)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
GetUserMessageCount()=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
InterfaceSearch(CreateInterfaceFn fn, const char *iface, int max, int *ret)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
LogMsg(ISmmPlugin *pl, const char *msg,...)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
MetaFactory(const char *iface, int *ret, PluginId *id)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
PathFormat(char *buffer, size_t len, const char *fmt,...)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
pGlobals()=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
physicsFactory(bool syn=true)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
RegisterConCmdBase(ISmmPlugin *plugin, ConCommandBase *pCommand)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
RemotePrintingAvailable()=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
serverFactory(bool syn=true)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
SetLastMetaReturn(META_RES res)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
UnregisterConCmdBase(ISmmPlugin *plugin, ConCommandBase *pCommand)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]
VInterfaceMatch(CreateInterfaceFn fn, const char *iface, int min=-1)=0ISmmAPI [pure virtual]

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