SourceMM::ISmmFailPlugin Class Reference

#include <ISmmPluginExt.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int GetApiVersion ()=0
 You must return METAMOD_FAIL_API_V1 or METAMOD_FAIL_API_V2 here, depending on which Metamod:Source version you detected.
virtual ~ISmmFailPlugin ()
 Do not change.
virtual bool Load (PluginId id, ISmmAPI *ismm, char *error, size_t maxlength, bool late)=0
 Return false here -- fill in the error buffer appropriately.

Detailed Description

Use this to instantiate a plugin that will always fail. This class definition works against major API versions 1 and 2.

Definition at line 65 of file ISmmPluginExt.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SourceMM::ISmmFailPlugin::Load ( PluginId  id,
ISmmAPI ismm,
char *  error,
size_t  maxlength,
bool  late 
) [pure virtual]

Do not ever return true. If you do, MM:S will crash because the class layout is incomplete against ISmmPlugin.

id Ignore.
ismm Ignore.
error Error buffer (must be filled).
maxlength Maximum size of error buffer.
late Ignore.
Must return false.

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